Hi! I’m Ashley.

I coach individual clients as well as youth, club, college, corporate and professional level teams in both mental strength training and athletic performance. We understand the rigors of training to reach higher levels of performance and the psychological challenges of working through the extreme demands of competition.

Getting faster requires a powerful combination of both the physical and mental aspects of performance.

Through my time researching at John F. Kennedy University and San Francisco State University, I learned and developed methods in increasing performance. I hold an MA in Sport Psychology, BA in Communication Studies, and a Certificate in Exercise & Sport Performance. In addition, every day I live and grow my program both as a coach and as an athlete.

"Ashley has the rare, and necessary, ability to focus on the individuals who she is working with. She listens to her athletes in a clear and sympathetic manner. Once an athlete talks to her, Ashley is able to help that athlete find the right steps to take to enhance performance and reach a better understanding of her or his strengths and weaknesses and what needs to be done to move forward. The athletes who work with her trust her. They know that she is giving them solid advice and is respectful of their feelings (their doubts, their ambitions)."

- Coach Jeff Gardiner, VMware / Lick-Wilmerding HS

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